NANOPORE Ceramic Filter Membranes - New Product

IItN Nanovation offers under the trademark of NANOPORE a range of various ceramic filter membranes. In addition to 7- and 19- channel tubes, ItN Nanovation also produces flat multi-channel membranes, so-called PAN components and asymmetrical filter discs.

These PAN components feature a surface-to-volume ratio unknown to date. With the membrane layer being on the outside of the multi-channel element, cleaning of the membrane surfaces can be easily done, thus avoiding strong fouling which typically occurs in normal filtration. Specially made geometries can also be produced according to customer requirements.

Top-quality ItN nanoparticles are used for the production of a thin and selective membrane layer representing the most important filter component. Owing to the specific properties of these nanoparticles, NANOPORE features a great number of superfine pores and a very narrow pore size distribution. NANOPORE can be used for micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration.

Posted 13th November 2003

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