Responsible Nanotechnology future scenarios - News Item

The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology (CRN) has published an article called "Responsible Nanotechnology." The article examines molecular nanotechnology and outlines some possible future scenarios:

Scenario 6:

Molecular manufacturing develops quickly and mankind exists happily with the new technology.

Scenario 5:

The same as Scenario 6, except the technology develops slowly.

Scenario 4:

Leading world powers decide to avoid scenarios 5 and 6 at all costs and work together to avoid geopolitical instability.

Scenario 3:

Several nations develop molecular manufacturing capability simultaneously and use it to start an arms race in new weaponry of incredible power.

Scenario 2:

Molecular nanotechnology manufacturing is developed first by a major Asian nation and the U.S. subsequently becomes a technological backwater.

Scenario 1:

Molecular technology manufacturing is first developed by The United States of America and they continue to press ahead with their intent on leading the world.

Posted 21st January 2004

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