Nano-reagent for Molecular Biology Research Tool Kits - New Product

Do-Coop Technologies have announced the general availability of Neowater, a water-based reagent that is used for enhancing the performance of molecular biology tool kits for research. 'We are very excited about the introduction of Neowater, it is currently under evaluation with several customers and we have already gotten an enthusiastic response,' said CTO Eran Gabbai. 'Unlike conventional reagents, Neowater is not application-specific and delivers significant performance enhancement as well as cost reduction in a variety of tool kits applications, and moreover, it is water-based so we are also helping to protect the environment,' Gabbai said.

Neowater can significantly improve the price-performance ratio in applications like nucleic acid or protein amplification and purification, cloning, transfection and transformation, cell cultures, competent cells, micro-arrays, substrate binding of oligonucleutides and proteins, Phage display, libraries, and more.

'Neowater is first in a series of water-based Nano-reagents that Do-Coop Technologies will introduce to the molecular biology research tool kits market during 2004,' said CEO Dr. Avi Messica. 'Our pipeline also includes novel water-based products for the pharmaceutical industry that are currently under development,' he added.

Posted 16th February 2004

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