Nanotube Production Capacities and Demand - News Item

A new report indicates that production capacity is catching up with demand from applications of nanotechnology's wonder material, nanotubes. Cientifica has announced the findings in the 2004 Nanotubes Report.

Covering over 100 companies worldwide, the 2004 Nanotubes Report highlights that global nanotube and nanofiber capacity is already approaching 250 tons per year. Global single wall nanotube production capacity is currently running at 9 tons per year with the potential to increase to 20 tons by the year end, while capacity for multiwalled nanotubes is 32 tons per year.

The report details both production processes and volumes, with the latest information about the companies and applications ranging from textiles to composite materials.

Author, Dr. Cristina Roman commented "production capacity only tells half the story, the 2004 Nanotubes Report uniquely links nanotube production with the real market pull from the myriad applications."

Cientifica provides global nanotechnology business intelligence and consulting services to industry, government and investors worldwide.

Cientifica works with many of the world's leading companies and financial institutions employing a unique system allowing dynamic integration of its operations covering Business Strategy and Company Analysis, Technology, Applications, Markets, Publications, Intellectual Property and Environmental Trends.

Posted 17th February 2004

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