Scientific Software and Nanostream Sign Agreement for Chromatography Data Systems - News Item

Scientific Software, Inc., a world leader in providing software solutions to the scientific community, and Nanostream, Inc., a provider of high throughput microfluidic analytical systems to companies in drug discovery and development, announced that they have signed a product agreement to deliver high quality chromatography data system technology to end users. Based on this agreement, Nanostream will offer Scientific Software’s chromatography data system, EZChrom Elite, for use with its premier micro parallel liquid chromatography product (µPLC), the Veloce system. EZChrom Elite has been successfully deployed in laboratories throughout the world that are involved in HPLC, GC and related chromatography applications in pharmaceutical, petrochemical, biomedical, chemical, environmental and testing laboratories.

Nanostream formed its business around increasing the throughput of well-established high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) techniques for companies involved in drug discovery and development. Nanostream’s initial product, the Veloce system, delivers an increase in sample analysis capacity by enabling 24 simultaneous separations using one of Nanostream’s Brio cartridges. This system is designed for scientists who demand higher analytical throughput and need access to critical information sooner to make timely research decisions. As the Veloce system continues to garner interest at companies across the pharmaceutical industry, Nanostream is partnering with Scientific Software to offer increased chromatography data analysis capabilities to its customers.

“We are pleased to work with Nanostream to provide EZChrom Elite technology for its users,” says Dr.Soheil Saadat, President and CEO of Scientific Software. “EZChrom Elite is the premier data system used in thousands of laboratories throughout the world by leading instrumentation companies and we are excited to work with Nanostream as a partner.”

EZChrom Elite has the flexibility to handle all types of chromatography data requirements and demands. Data from Nanostream’s Veloce system can be easily analyzed by EZChrom Elite and generated in a variety of chromatography-oriented reports and plots. Users can conduct further analytical chemical analysis by subjecting this data to EZChrom Elite’s peak detection, integration and reporting capabilities as well as graphic comparison, overlay and other post-run graphic routines. EZChrom Elite will facilitate Nanostream customers in complying with the 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 11 ruling, which requires pharmaceutical companies to develop electronic record management and signature protocols throughout the drug discovery process. Users in regulated environments will benefit from the batch electronic signature support that rapidly generates electronic review of results in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines provided by EZChrom Elite.

“Nanostream’s goal is to improve our customers’ research productivity by equipping them with the Veloce system and complimentary tools such as EZChrom Elite. This partnership with Scientific Software to offer EZChrom Elite to Nanostream customers is important to us because it will provide our end users with a feature-rich, versatile chromatography data system,” according to Dr. Stephen D. O’Connor, CEO of Nanostream. “In addition to addressing 21 CFR Part 11 issues through EZChrom Elite, our users can perform extended chromatography data operations critical to the drug discovery and development process.”

Posted 15th December 2004

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