Turning Nanotechnology Into Jobs Growth - News Item

The Austin Technology Council, a volunteer organisation, has held a meeting of nanotechnology entrepreneurs to discuss the future of the technology.

Concerns were raised that the US Government, who are pouring billions of dollars into the development of nanotechnology, are going to expect to see a strong increase in the number of jobs available in the nanotechnology sector. At present most of the money being allocated to nanotechnology is going to universities for research purposes. Attendees at the meeting would like to see more money being directed towards nanotechnology start up companies.

The logic is that university researchers tend to be focussed on technological breakthroughs whereas the start ups have a vested interest in taking the research and applying it to real world situation where it becomes a commercial product, is produced and therefore results in jobs.

It was also noted that the best qualified chemists for nanotechnology researched tended to be born outside of the US.

Posted 24th February 2004

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