Indian President Speaks Of Nanotechnology In Science Day Address - News Item

In his Science Day address to listeners of All India Radio, President A P J Abdul Kalam, spoke of the importance of nanotechnology.

In his speech the President said, ''Nano science gives scientists the ability to manipulate matter at the atomic and molecular levels. When the materials are in the Nano regime, it opens up a very interesting challenge to basic physics and chemistry … by making the same material in the nano scales, you could get materials with unimaginable, and useful properties.'' He went on to mention that nanotechnology could make it possible to detect and treat cancers when they are only a few cells in size. He also mentioned the 'Nano-computer', developed by Weizmann Institute of Science researchers in Israel. This is a biological nanocomputer made from a trillions of living cells that act together to perform billions of calculations per second.

Posted 28th February 2004

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