Symphotic TII Introduces New Type Of Raman Spectroscopy System - New Product

Symphotic TII Corporation of Camarillo,CA, U.S.A., introduced a new Raman confocal microspectroscopy system, the “Nanofinder®”, which was developed by Symphotic TII's joint venture partner, Tokyo Instruments, Inc.   Specifically designed for simultaneous high spatial resolution (200 nm lateral and 500 nm axial) and sensitivity (up to single photon counting), this new instrument is equipped with a spectrometer and time correlated single photon counter for both spectral and temporal micro-analysis. Sophisticated 3D-software supply researchers with unique analytical capabilities such as imaging at up to 20-wavelength intervals simultaneously, saving full fluorescence or Raman spectra of a subject, fluorescence life time imaging, sample surface reconstruction, confocal microscopy with laser manipulation, and multiple wavelength laser excitation systems.

Designed for low level signal detection, the “Nanofinder®” has applications in 3D Raman and photoluminescence imaging, single molecule fluorescence detection, Raman spectral and spatial analysis of a variety of materials such as semiconductors and semiconductor devices, CVD artificial diamond arrays, carbon nanotubes and living cells.

A new SERS (Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering) option using a noble metal plated AFM cantilever increases lateral resolution of device to 50 nm, moving Raman or Fluorescence analysis to near field optical microscopy (NSOM) levels of resolution, while keeping the high optical throughput of far field confocal microscopy.

Posted 25th November 2002

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