Hyosung Develops New Fibre Using Nanotechnology - New Product

Hyosung announced that it has become Korea’s first developer of nanotechnology fiber.

The main feature of this product, “Mipan Nano-Magic Silver”, is the permanent and powerful antibiotic effect produced from the material “Nano silver” which is infused into the fibres. The material is known to be 99.9% effective in preventing infection, including pneumobacilli, colon bacilli and fungi causing athletes foot, without causing harm to human health. It also emits ultra-red rays that are known to help improve blood circulation and metabolism.

The developed “Mipan Nano-Magic Silver” is a material proven to function far better in its antibiotic function than any other material used currently as antibiotic fibres. It excels in post-manufacture processes such as dyeing and is much more pleasant to the touch. In addition, as silver is mixed into the raw materials during the polymeric process, it maintains the powerful antibiotic effect and ultra-red ray emission even after repeated washings, and is more environmentally friendly as the antibiotic substance does not dissolve during washing.

“Mipan Nano-Magic Silver” technology refers to the technology of utilizing silver particles measured by nanometer (one billionth of a meter) size, to capture the excellent antibacterial effects of silver. This technology is employed in various processes such as the manufacture of fibre and home appliances. A distinctive feature of “nano silver” is the efficiency, as only minute quantities are required to produce substantial results.

Hyosung plans to introduce its Nano-Magic Silver products via PID (Preview in Daegu), a trade event to be held in March. The final products of Nano-Magic Silver, ranging from undergarments to sportswear, will be introduced into the market by the second half of the year.

Posted 25th February 2004

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