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Sono-Tek Corporation, the world's leader in ultrasonic spray nozzle technology, today announced the sale of two ultrasonic spray drying systems. One to the University of Central Florida's Surface Engineering and Nanotechnology Laboratory and a second to NanoBioMagnetics, a developer of nanophase materials for medical applications. The ultrasonic spray dryer utilizes our patented and proprietary SonoDry ultrasonic atomization nozzle system in partnership with the Buchi Spray Dryer to create small drop size particles containing nanometer sized particles from nanophase solutions. Test performed with the SonoDry nozzle installed in the Buchi spray dryer for NanoBioMagnetics have produced a significant level of particles in the 50-100 nm range, and in the 200-600 nm range.

Another application involved the sale of our recently introduced "Widetrack" system to Cardinal Glass and the University of Wisconsin for the application of a nanophase liquid in a thin film coating to allow skyscraper glass to self clean on exposure to sunlight and rain. The Widetrack system uses a flexible array of ultrasonic nozzles to coat moving webs of glass or other wide surfaces in manufacturing lines, but this is the first application involving nanophase liquids and layers.

According to Dr. Coccio, "The Federal Government has now set aside over three billion dollars to fund nanotechnology development, and we are excited about this opportunity to provide our ultrasonic technology to companies pursuing this growing field. We look forward to further participation as the advantages of ultrasonic atomization such as soft, focused, uniform droplets are recognized".

Posted 23rd March 2004

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