Australia Launches National Nanotechnology Network - News Item

Australia’s Federal Science Minister Peter McGauran has launched the Australian National Nanotechnology Network (ANNN).

The organisation’s aim is to act as an umbrella organisation, co-ordinating the collaborative efforts and encouraging communication between players such as research institutions, industry bodies, the investment sector and government bodies and ministers.

They also hope to promote a rapid uptake of technology, from research to commercialisation and to bring science and industry closer together.

Already involved with the Australian National Nanotechnology Network are:

•        The Australian Research Council (ARC)

•        The Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources

•        The Department of Education, Science and Training

•        The Australian Electrical Engineers Association

•        The Institute of Materials Engineering Australasia

•        The Health Industry Association

•        As well as academics and research institutions

The efforts of the Australian National Nanotechnology Network are currently being championed by the CSIRO’s Nanotechnology team, but the goal is to encourage input from member organisations, rather than to have a central organisation.

The next stage of development will involve lobbying the government support at the state level and increasing public awareness of Nanotechnology through education. They will also be looking to establish ties with overseas governments, collaborations with foreign parties and sourcing international investment.

The success of the Australian National Nanotechnology Network is far from guaranteed as they do not currently have any funding. Although they are supported by the government, they are looking for financial support. Their strategy also fits well with government policies and ARC objectives for the upcoming year.

Posted October 1st, 2003

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