Industrial NanoTech, Inc. Releases Nansulate Insulation - New Product

While the world's biggest corporations work to be first to market with end-user nanotechnology applications, a young company based in Wyoming has quietly beaten them to it. But make no mistake: Industrial NanoTech, Inc., an international firm owned by two American entrepreneurs with a passion for science and industry, is not challenging the crowded nanotechnology fields of optics, microchips, or biomedical engineering. Instead, INI's premier product is patent-pending Nansulate, an industrial-grade liquid applied insulation containing a material documented to have significantly higher R-Values and lower thermal conductivity than any other insulation material, according to recent studies by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory, and the University of Florida.

Nanotechnology - the manipulation of cell and atomic structure in materials no larger than a billionth of a meter in size - has been described by Frank O'Brien-Bernini, Vice President of Owens Corning Science & Technology Center, as ". . . so revolutionary, it's being compared to the discovery of fire, the Industrial Revolution, and the invention of the Internet."

Even so, many industries are still a decade or more away from using nanotechnology to create products. But for INI, nanotechnology is no longer a speck on the horizon. "Nanotechnology is already here," said Stuart Burchill, CEO of INI. "Many companies are developing important materials for use in a process, but they face the barrier of needing to convince the end product manufacturer to try them. INI is unique because we identify an existing need, fund the research, participate in developing the technologies, produce the end product, and take it to the marketplace. We don't produce a speculative, `I wonder what it's good for' product. We make things that solve everyday problems, something where anyone can open up a can and use it."

Thanks to INI's strong relationships with some of the world's top labs, that something is Nansulate, containing 70% of INI's proprietary Hydro-NM-Oxide in an environmentally friendly, water-based coating. Developed with a strong focus on energy conservation, Nansulate does a few things traditional insulation can't: It's tough and weather resistant; it protects against corrosion, condensation and rust; it leaves no places for bugs and rodents to nest, and it adheres to most surfaces, including wood, concrete, PVC, metal and glass.

"Nansulate was designed specifically for the do-it-yourselfer at home, in factories, or on RVs, boats, or trucks," explained Laurie Scherock, MBA, president of Industrial NanoTech, Inc. "Nansulate isn't glamorous. It's a very functional low-tech application for a very high-tech material. Everyone's competing in the high-tech arena, but we prefer working with homeowners and factories and manufacturers. It's INI's mission to learn what people need and come up with a solution. If a company has a problem that requires something different or innovative, it may well be coming down our nanotechnology pipeline."

Posted 13th April 2004

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