Nanotech Fabrics Used In Eddie Bauer Range Including UPF Sun Protection - New Product

From its founder's first-ever patent for goose down insulated garments (1936) to today's high-tech fabrics such as Nano-Care®, Eddie Bauer has always viewed apparel innovation with comfort in mind. And while terms such as "wicking" and "waterproof/breathable" have become second nature for active and outdoor wear consumers, Eddie Bauer sees Ultra Protection Factor garments (UPF) as the next big intuitive thing.

For its spring/summer '04 collection, Eddie Bauer has coupled UPF sun protection with other performance fabrics for the ultimate in smart comfort, a change from most fabrics currently on the market that either offer limited protection from the sun, or are too thick - or dark - to be considered for summer outdoor activities.

"Following Eddie's vision, Eddie Bauer garments are made to be comfortable," said Lisa Erickson, Eddie Bauer's spokesperson. "We designed these for activities where the user experiences prolonged exposure to the sun. But they also look great and were built for comfort. We did extensive testing to ensure that the washing didn't compromise the UPF rating."

Outdoor consumers often assume their clothing is protecting them from UV rays, but they often don't take into account altitude, time of day, or amount of time in the sun. According to an article in Women's Wear Daily, the World Health Organization reports that UV radiation is responsible for between two to three million cases of skin cancer worldwide each year.

"The styling on these items was thought out with a variety of activities in mind," Erickson "When they look this good, and are this comfortable - thanks to fabrics like Supplex® nylon - there's no good reason not to buy UPF protected garments if you're spending a lot of time in the sun."

Eddie Bauer was the first retailer to pioneer the use of Nano-Tex® technology four years ago with the use of Nano-Care treatments on pants. Today, consumer demand for Nano-Care products is growing, and the company reports that an Eddie Bauer shirt with Nano-Care in their '03 holiday line exceeded expectations by 30 percent.

Other fabrics and treatments used in the spring/summer '04 Eddie Bauer line include Burlington's Micromattique® Polyester, Supplex nylon M.C.S. (moisture control system) and Nano-Dry technology (wicking, quick-drying).

This UPF product offering varies from men's swim trunks to "Trail Pants" for women to "Water" and "Day hike" shirts for men. All UPF products will be available in store May 2004.

Posted 20th April 2004

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