Worldwide Nanotechnology Industry Book Donation Plan For Schools - News Item

100 000 books on the nanotechnology and molecular industry have been earmarked for donation to schools worldwide.

The aim is to educate young people on future issues of nanotechnology. The initiative was set up in April 2004 by a company involved in the worldwide development of new technologies. The first program covers 100 000 books and will be on for one year. The start is with one book but more educational materials will follow. The project has the potential, over time, to raise a more educated society informed about their options, chances and potential future risks.

It is expected that other companies and governments will join this initiative and be part of the shift in public attitudes towards future technologies which will change the way of life. While many adults find this a difficult subject, children have much less problem discussing future changes and adapting their behaviour and life.

The basic book is called “Another World” by the author Helmut Kaiser. It covers markets, technologies, applications, processes and developments from 2004 to 2015 and 2025. Ethical and religious issues are not discussed in the book.

Posted 27th April 2004

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