Mems/Nems Handbook

Mems/Nems Handbook

As miniaturization, batch fabrication, and integrated electronics rapidly enable the development of a broad range of smart products, MEMs, MOEMS, and NEMS are creating enormous opportunities for commerce and functionality. This significant and uniquely comprehensive five-volume reference is a valuable source for research workers, practitioners, computer scientists, students, and technologists. The MEMS/NEMS HANDBOOK (Microelectromechanical Systems/Nanoelectromechanical Systems) covers all of the major topics within the subject including design methods, fabrication techniques, manufacturing methods, sensors and actuators, and Micro Optical Electro Mechanical Systems. The many applications of MEMS technology include computer devices, electronics, instrumentation, industrial process control, biotechnology, medicine, chemical systems, office equipment, and communications. More than 100 coauthors from nearly 20 countries present clearly written, self-contained, accessible and comprehensive contributions with helpful standard features including an introduction, summary, extensive figures and design examples with comprehensive reference lists. The remarkable breadth and depth of the topics spanning this diverse field require the 5-volume extent of this notable reference resource that is based on the work of an internationally recognized board of coauthors.

Table of contents

Volume 1

Design Methods in MEMS/NEMS.- Web-Enabled Database System Development for Design and Manufacturing of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS).- Manufacturing Advisory Service Systems for Concurrent and Collaborative Design of MEMS Devices.- Web-Enabled Knowledge – Intensive Support Framework for Collaborative Design of MEMS.- Techniques in Proper Orthogonal Decomposition and Component Mode Synthesis for the Dynamic Simulation of Complex MEMS Devices and their Application.- Techniques in Global Optimal Design for MEMS and their Applications.- Theory and Design of Micromechanical Vibratory Gyroscopes.- A Hierarchical Design Platform for Microelectrofluidic Systems.- Techniques in Electrostatics Analysis of MEMS and their Applications.- Techniques for Efficient Analytical and Simulation Methods in the Prototyping of MEMS Systems.

Volume 2

Fabrication Techniques for MEMS/NEMS.- Techniques in the Fabrication of High-Speed Micro-Rotors for MEMS Applications.- Fabrication Techniques in Micromachined Capacitive Ultrasonic Transducers and their Applications.- GaAs Thermally Based MEMS Devices – Fabrication Techniques, Characterization and Modeling.- Novel MEMS Fluidic Integrated Circuit Technology with ‘MOSFET-Like Microvalve Elements’.- Hydrogel-based µTAS in Microfluidic Devices and their Applications.- Crosslinked PMMA as a Low-Dimensional Dielectric Sacrificial Layer for MEMS/NEMS and Quantum Nanostructures Fabrication.- Techniques and Applications of Capactive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers.

Volume 3

Manufacturing Methods in MEMS/NEMS.- Techniques in the Development of Micromachine Tool Prototypes and their Applications in Microfactories.- Tool-based Micro Machining and Applications in MEMS.- Micro-machined Passive Valves: Fabrication Techniques, Characterisation and their Application.- Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling Techniques for the Manufacturing of Silicon, Polymer, Metal and Ceramic Microdevices.- Injection Molding Techniques for the Fabrication of MEMS Elements.- Excimer Laser Machined Three-Dimensional Microstructures–Techniques and Application.- Techniques in Scanning Acoustic Microscopy for Enhanced Failure and Material Analysis of Microsystems.- Production Scheduling in MEMS Manufacturing.

Volume 4

Sensors and Actuators in MEMS/NEMS.- MEMS-based Accelerometers and their Application to Vibration Suppression in Hard Disk Drives.- Micromachined Thermal Accelerometer without Proof Mass.- Techniques in MEMS Devices for Micro Humidity Sensors and their Applications.- Modeling the Electromechanical Response of Electrostatic Actuators.- Micropump Systems Techniques and Applications in MEMS.- FEM (Finite Element Modeling) Techniques for Electrostatic Microactuators.- Techniques in the Design of Thermomechanical Microactuators.- Techniques in MEMS Microthermal Actuators and their Applications.- Techniques in Residual Stress Measurement for MEMS and their Applications.

Volume 5

Medical Applications of MEMS/NEMS and MOEMS (Micro Optical Electro Mechanical Systems).- Techniques in Sonophoresis Biomedical Devices and their Applications.- MEMS Application of Actuators and Sensors for Glaucoma Treatment.- Single-crystal Silicon Based Electrothermal MEMS Mirrors for Biomedical Imaging Applications.- Techniques in the Development of Endovascular Microtools and their Applications.- Techniques in the Design and Fabrication of Optical MEMS Switches and their Application in Optical Communication Systems.- Micromachining Techniques and MEMS Structures in Optical Interferometric Sensors.- Magnetic Microactuators – Techniques and Applications.- Techniques in the Design of Micro-Machined Electrostatic Torsion Micro-Mirrors and their Applications.- Vertical Combdrive Actuator: Design and Fabrication for Micromirror Applications .- Three-Dimensional Techniques for FEM Simulations in Laser Modules and their Applications.

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