Electrospinning Starter Kit

Inovenso’s Starter Kit electrospinning system has been designed for affordable, small-scale nanofiber research.

The system is capable of generating results from a single-nozzle configuration in a small unit. Flow rate, applied voltage, and spinning distance can be easily adjusted during side-by-side spinning.


  • Single nozzle
  • Flat collector

Optional Accessories

Different Diameter Needles

Electrospinning needles have the following diameters: (23 G, 21 G, 19 G, 17 G, 15 G) x10 pieces.

Bicomponent System

Exclusively designed coaxial nozzle with an inner diameter of 0.8 mm and an outer diameter of 1.6 mm, and an additional syringe pump to achieve core-shell, bi-component, and hollow nanofibers.

Gas Shield Nozzle

Gas shield is a method to prevent the clogging of polymer on top of the needle through solvent saturated N2 gas. This option may enhance the productivity of several polymer solutions.

Extended Warranty

Standard Devices are provided with a warranty of 1 year. Additionally, the machine can be covered with a prolonged warranty.

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