NE100: Single-Nozzle Electrospinning Machine

Inovenso’s NE100 Electrospinning Unit is a model that lies between advanced and basic electrospinning systems. Users can edit all process parameters using the programmable and user-friendly touch screen panel included in the electrospinning unit.

The NE100 Electrospinning Unit includes a uniquely designed isolated chassis, as well as an exhaust system that makes it possible to work with evaporative solvents. Thanks to the isolated chassis and the door safety system, researchers can perform their experiments without any risk.

The NE100 is a user-friendly single-nozzle electrospinning unit specifically developed for producing nanofibers in small quantities. The protected cabinet prevents any danger that is likely to be caused by solvent vapor or high voltage. Part of the Inovenso Scale-Up Program, the NE100 model enables users to upgrade their devices to more sophisticated models.

Unique Properties

  • Flat collector enables the deposition of nanofibers
  • High-throughput production using an exclusive single nozzle
  • Accurate and reliable process adjustments can be made through a 9″ touch screen panel


  • Flat collector
  • Single nozzle


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