The StreamSpinner550: A State-of-the-art Electrospinning/Spraying Line

The StreamSpinner550 is an Open Surface Pilot-Scale Electrospinning/Spraying Machine that can be used for research-focused large-scale sampling of nanofiber media and conventional manufacture of nanofibers.

This machine can process hundreds of linear meters of media while loading a 550 mm wide fabric roll onto the collector. Compared to traditional electrospinning systems, the SS550 offers significantly higher throughput, allowing users to scale up the production of nanofiber-based products from a laboratory to an industrial level.

The StreamSpinner550’s Smart Dynamic Feeding System facilitates exceptionally homogenous manufacturing of nanofibers with accurate flow rate regulation. Additionally, the StreamSpinner 550 can operate with a broad viscosity range in polymeric materials.

Unique Properties

  • Smart Winding System: The software automatically modifies the flow rate and winding speed to attain the ideal thickness
  • High Production Rate: Five to fifteen times larger than traditional electrospinning systems
  • The Smart Dynamic Feeding System offers uniform production and accurate flow rate control
  • Patent Pending Technology
  • Up to 43 meters/minute production of nanofibers (PA6 0.03GSM)
  • The ability to work with a variety of polymeric solutions with varying viscosities

Source: Inovenso Technology

Standard Polymers Total Flow Rate Total Production Rate
    (For 0.5 GSM)
TPU 600 ml/hour 4.8 m/minute
PVDF 330 ml/hour 3.2 m/minute
PA6 300 ml/hour 2.8 m/minute
HA 180 ml/hour 1.0 m/minute
PAN 285 ml/hour 1.4 m/minute
PHB 2400 ml/hour 5.5 m/minute


StreamSpinner550 Open Surface Pilot-Scale Electrospinning/Spraying Line

Video Credit: Inovenso Technology

Application Areas

  • Biomedical and Pharmaceutical
  • Filtration
  • Energy
  • Cosmetics

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