Achieve Higher Electrospinning Output With the StreamSpinner1000

The StreamSpinner1000 is an open-surface industrial electrospinning machine capable of producing nanofibers and nanofibre-based products on a roll-to-roll collector with a width of 1000 mm.

In addition to offering a substantially higher throughput than traditional electrospinning systems, the StreamSpinner1000 also provides a seamless production process without an operator needing to monitor it for irregularities.

The StreamSpinner1000’s Smart Dynamic Feeding System enables the exceptionally homogenous manufacturing of nanofibers and precise flow rate control. The StreamSpinner1000 can also function with a range of polymeric materials with various viscosities.

Unique Properties

  • Patent Pending Technology
  • Up to 51 meters/minute production of nanofibers (PA6 0.03GSM)
  • The ability to work with a variety of polymeric solutions with varying viscosities
  • High Production Rate: 5 to 15 times more than traditional electrospinning systems
  • Smart Winding System: The software automatically modifies the flow rate and winding speed to attain the ideal thickness
  • The Smart Dynamic Feeding System offers uniform production and accurate flow rate control

Source: Inovenso Technology

Standard Polymers Total Flow Rate Total Production Rate
    (For 0.5 GSM)
TPU 1200 ml/hour 5.3 m/minute
PVDF 660 ml/hour 3.9 m/minute
PA6 600 ml/hour 3.1 m/minute
HA 360 ml/hour 1.1 m/minute
PAN 570 ml/hour 1.6 m/minute
PHB 4800 ml/hour 6.2 m/minute


Manufacturing of nex-gen nanofiber filtration media: StreamSpinner1000 Open Surface Electrospinning.

Video Credit: Inovenso Technology

Application Areas

  • Biomedical and Pharmaceutical
  • Filtration
  • Energy
  • Cosmetics

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