NE200: Single-Nozzle Electrospinning Machine

The NE200 single-nozzle electrospinning machine from Inovenso is the ultimate combination of sophisticated features packaged in a budget-friendly model.

The electrospinning machine is perfect for researchers who prefer to begin their studies in a multi-purpose system. It comes with a rotating drum collector and a flat collector to acquire suitably aligned nanofibers.

The electrospinning machine also has the option to fit in other types of collectors like the rotating rod collectors that come with a wide range of sizes in order to achieve the tubular structure of nanofibers called tube-like nanofibers membranes. These membranes can be utilized as artificial blood vessels.

Unique Properties

  • Single-nozzle electrospraying
  • High-throughput production
  • Accurate and reliable process adjustments can be made through a 9″ touch-screen panel
  • Replaceable types of flat collectors
  • Additional safety options like warning light and safe-door to prevent high voltage
  • Temperature and humidity control chassis option
  • 30 to 230 mm nozzle to collector automatic adjustment of distance
  • CE certified and manufactured in accordance with safety regulations


  • Single nozzle
  • Cylinder collector
  • Flat collector


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