EDAX OIM Matrix™ Software Package

EDAX OIM Matrix™ is a software package available as an option with EDAX OIM Analysis™. This allows users to simulate electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) patterns based on the mechanics of electron dynamical diffraction.

Compared to traditional kinematic diffraction-based methodologies, this method provides a more detailed description of the electron interaction behavior inside a material and creates more visible pattern simulations. In comparison with empirically acquired EBSD patterns, such simulated patterns might be generated more rapidly and correctly.

OIM Matrix™ Software Package

Image Credit: EDAX

OIM Matrix can generate an EBSD pattern library for all crystallographic orientations of a given material. Then, via a process known as dictionary indexing, developed for EBSD by Professor Marc De Graef’s group at Carnegie Mellon University, experimental patterns can be compared and linked with the best-fitting pattern in the library.

Dictionary indexing improves indexing success rates as compared to traditional Hough-based indexing approaches. Dictionary indexing could be correlated with partitioning capability and other indexing methods inside OIM Analysis, the premier EBSD data analysis software for effective indexing advancements and enhanced overall data quality.

Features and benefits

  • Simulations of realistic EBSD patterns
  • Master pattern database
  • EBSD background simulation
  • Dictionary Indexing
  • Automatic structure file optimization

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