Monarc Pro T System for Cathodoluminescence Images

Monarc® Pro T from Gatan is an advanced system for optically coupled transmission electron microscopy (TEM). With this device, the hidden structural, optical, and electronic characteristics of materials beyond the optical diffraction limit can be revealed.


  • Produces the crispest cathodoluminescence (CL) images and spectra: Utilizes unique mirrors (with a solid angle up to 7.3 Sr) for superior light collection, resulting in spectra with sub-meV energy resolution through an aberration-corrected spectrograph.
  • Transforms any microscope into an optically-coupled instrument, facilitating in-situ exploration of photoactive catalyst reactions: Provides uniform illumination over a 150 μm field of view using an optical system incorporated into a TEM holder.
  • Streamlines the process for multimodal analysis: Leverages eaSI technology to optimize the workflow for advanced STEM experiments.

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