Advancing Precision and Insight in Material Analysis With the EDAX Neptune (EDS-WDS) System

The EDAX Neptune analysis system integrates energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) and wavelength dispersive spectroscopy (WDS) analytical techniques into one platform, harnessing the versatility of EDS alongside the accuracy, resolution, and detection limits of WDS.

These techniques can be applied individually or merged to yield unprecedented results. By combining data, previously unattainable outcomes become achievable. Together, they enhance X-ray microanalysis capabilities, offering solutions to intricate analytical challenges.

The EDS analysis component equips users with a comprehensive set of tools, ranging from basic qualitative analysis to advanced quantitative calculations. WDS scans complement EDS spectrum collection, enabling precise quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Furthermore, the Neptune system incorporates Octane Elite silicon drift detectors (SDDs) featuring silicon nitride (Si3N4) windows, providing exceptional performance in light element detection and low energy sensitivity.

These SDDs facilitate rapid data collection with outstanding resolution and market-leading throughput count rates, ensuring optimal analysis and enhanced productivity. Additionally, the system offers Lambda Plus and Lambda Super spectrometers for WDS applications.

Key features

The key features of the EDAX Neptune analysis system include the following:

  • Tailored for precision chemical analysis: Engineered for accurate analysis demanding high resolution.
  • Intelligent operation: Smart functionalities guarantee reliable data collection, analysis, and reporting, regardless of the user's expertise level.
  • EXpert ID technology: Utilizes analytical intelligence to separate overlaps and reveal subtle peaks.
  • Automatic smart phase mapping: Effortlessly captures spectra, phase, and elemental maps through intelligent automation.
  • High energy resolution: Enables resolution of the most complex line overlaps.
  • Automated sample positioning: Offers user-friendly operation and maximizes signal intensity through automated sample positioning.
  • Advanced detector and spectrometer configuration: Equipped with Octane Elite SDDs and Lambda spectrometers for superior performance.

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