The International Carbon Materials Conference Diamond Section

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Organiser: DT New Materials The International Carbon Materials Conference Diamond Section
Location: Berlin, Germany
Dates: May 11-13, 2020

With the development of automobile, aerospace and other industries, ordinary materials can’t meet the demand of industry and life and a new material is urgently needed.  

Diamond is a new material of the 21st century and Diamond is crucial for high-tech applications due to its unique set of characteristics. It is already revolutionizing countless industries such as electronics, optics, photonics, biotech and many more. Meanwhile, the development of scientific research technology is inseparable from advanced equipment.  

The Diamond Section will not only focus on diamond synthesis technology, doping technology and product production, but also focus on the application of diamond (DLC) in life and industy and advanced equipment. The experts, scholars and business representatives from the industry are invited to discuss new technologies, new breakthroughs and new developments, opening a new era of diamond materials to the high-end applications.

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