Dr Vikas Tomar

Assistant Professor

School of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Purdue University
West Lafayette
United States
PH: +1 (765) 494-3423
Fax: +1 (765) 494-0307
Email: [email protected]


Vikas Tomar earned his bachelor's degree from the National Institute of Technology (India) and his master's degree from the Indian Institute of Technology and the University of Stuttgart (Germany). He received his PhD degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He comes to Purdue from the University of Notre Dame, where he was an assistant professor.

Dr. Tomar's main research thrust is in the area of computationally and experimentally analyzing new classes of ceramics matrix composites for extreme environments with a view of applications such as nuclear environments, nanoscale high voltage ionized environments, and high temperature environments. Another thrust is in analyzing bio-motivated polymer matrix composites such as tropocollagen (TC)-hydroxyapatite (HAP) materials and their use in structural mechanics, medicine, and energy related applications. The emphasis is on primarily understanding the interplay of length scale and time scale related effects which could be manipulated in order to either develop new technologies or modify the existing technologies for serving aerospace, energy, and medicine fields. Research methods are based on, but not limited to, using cohesive finite element method, molecular dynamics method, Monte Carlo method, and quantum mechanical simulations and combining them with Scanning Probe Microscopy, Electron Microscopy, and nanoscale mechanical testing approaches for nanoscale fatigue and fracture strength measurements.

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