Prof Mark J. Biggs

Head of School and Director

Bio & Nanoengineering Faculty Research Group

School of Chemical Engineering, University of Adelaide
South Australia, 5005
PH: +61 (8) 8303 5447
Fax: +61 (8) 8303 4373
Email: [email protected]
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Professor Biggs, who received his PhD in 1996, holds the Chair of Chemical Engineering at The University of Adelaide where he is also the Head of School and Director of the Bio & Nanoengineering Faculty Research Group.

He returned to Australia to take up the Chair in December 2008 following 15 years in UK academia, most recently at The University of Edinburgh. He also held a visiting lectureship at the University of Stuttgart and is a recipient of a prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering/Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship.

His research, which has been reported in over 50 publications and 30 invited lectures, is focused on the molecular, meso- and multiscale modelling and experimental study of interfacial systems for the elucidation of fundamentals and design. The interfacial systems of current interest include:

  • nanoporous carbons, including in their use in separation of species from multi-component fluid streams (e.g. in CO2 separation; removal of toxic gases from air; purification of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical streams), heterogeneous catalysis, and energy storage (methane; hydrogen; electrochemical)
  • proteins at solid interfaces, including in their use in self-assembly of nanoscale entities to form complex nanostructured materials and systems, controlled cell deposition, and interaction of the body with nanoscale entities (e.g. in vaccines or as hazards); and
  • multiphase fluids, including in their application in filtration, nanoparticle and nanostructured materials synthesis, and micro- and nano-fluids and fluidics.

Professor Biggs would be happy to hear from any person interested in working with him either as a student of visiting researcher - just e-mail.

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