Prof Kian Ping Loh

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry

National University of Singapore
PH: +65 () 6516-4402
Fax: +65 () 6779-1691
Email: [email protected]


Professor Kian Ping Loh has worked in the National University of Singapore for more than ten years and leads the effort in functional carbon materials research. He obtained his Ph.D. from the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory in Oxford in 1997 and continued his postdoctoral work in National Institute for Materials in Japan between 1997-98.

He has an established track record on functional carbon materials research, focusing on solar cell and optical applications of diamond and graphene. The expertise of his group ranges from optical studies of advanced functional carbon materials, design and synthesis of organic dyes, molecular electronics to solar cells and surface science. The expertise in his group now includes the large area fabrication of graphene films by chemical vapor deposition, synthesis of solution-processed and printable graphene electronics, synthesis of organic dye-derivatized graphene, graphene-titania composites, with a view towards applications in solar cells.

Breakthroughs in his research include the fabrication of organic solar cell on transparent and conducting, large area graphene electrodes, and the first demonstration of wide band mode locking on atomic layer graphene. He has won the University Young Researcher Award in 2008 and the Outstanding Chemist Award in 2009.

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