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Professor Aaron Lewis holds the Eric Samson Chair in Applied Science and Technology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He joined the faculty of The Hebrew University in 1986 from the position of Professor of Applied Physics at Cornell University. Professor Lewis' research has centered on unique ways to confine, manipulate and analyze light in nanometric domains. As part of this effort he developed Near-field Scanning Optical Microscopy, which has produced the highest resolution optical images that have ever been achieved. This is accomplished by the spatial confinement of light and has allowed optical imaging to enter the nanoworld. For his seminal contributions to the development of the field of near-field optical imaging with its growing importance in a variety of areas including plasmonics, photonic circuits, quantum nano optics, optoelectronics and nano optical measurements of advanced telecommunications components Professor Lewis was awarded the Rank Prize in Optoelectronics by The J. Arthur Rank Foundation of London, England.

Professor Lewis is also the founder of Nanonics Imaging Ltd., that commercialized his developments in Near-field optics and pioneered the concept of integrating Atomic Force Microscopy with standard tools such as optical microscopes, Raman microscopes and Scanning Electron microscopes. The company is known for its innovative leadership in the industry including recent advances that have helped leapfrog barriers that have prevented, in the past, multiprobe scanned probe imaging.

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