Prof Linda Zou

Research Professor, Water Management and Reuse

University of South Australia

SA Water Centre for Water Management and Reuse, School of Natural and Built Environment
South Australia
PH: 61 (8) 8302 5489
Fax: 61 (8) 830 23386
Email: [email protected]


Professor Linda Zou’s main research contributions are in the fields of novel nanomaterials synthesis, including graphene nanosheets, ordered mesoporous carbons, and visible light sensitive TiO2/prorous adsorbent nano-composites, and their application to solve “real world” problems, in desalination and water purification. In desalination research, Linda has focused on applying nanotechnology in low energy alternative desalination methods. Her contributions in developing novel carbons electrode materials in capacitive deionisation process has achieved greatly improved electrode efficiency and is received recognition internationally. Her recent research work also involves on developing novel antifouling membrane surfaces. She is the main inventor of one international patent and two provisional patents.

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