Mr Ron Folman

Researcher, Head of Atom Chip Group

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Atom Chip Group, Ben-Gurion University
Be'er Sheva
PH: 972 (8) 6479262
Fax: 972 (8) 6479264
Email: [email protected]


Prof. Folman, a quantum physicist and a member of BGU's Ilse Katz Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology, is head of BGU's Atom Chip Lab and its nanofabrication facility. The facility serves dozens of BGU researchers, as well as the Israeli high tech industry, and provides advanced chips to laboratories around the world. Prof. Folman's research relates to quantum optics and specifically matter-wave optics (i.e. atom optics with ultra-cold atoms). The Atom Chip Lab utilizes chips that interface with single atoms or groups of atoms for fundamental studies of quantum mechanics-related questions, and the development of applications that include precision clocks, inertial navigation, gravitational field sensing, magnetic sensing, and quantum communications and computing.

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