Dr Alexandre Dazzi

Associate Professor, CLIO FEL Facility

Université Paris-Sud, Lab de Chimie Physique

Bâtiment349 - Campus d'Orsay, 15, avenue Jean PERRIN
PH: 33 (1) 69 15 32 7
Fax: 33 (1) 69 15 33 2
Email: [email protected]


Dr Alexandre Dazzi of the Laboratoire de Chimie Physique, CLIO, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France undertakes research focused on the infrared domain and teaches nanoscience at the Université Paris-Sud. He has a physics background with a focus on optics and near-field techniques. Dazzi received an engineering degree in 1995 in material science. He obtained his PhD in 1998 at the Université de Dijon with P.Jullien, after which he took a post-doctoral position at the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal at Bordeaux with F. Argoul. In 2000 Dr. Dazzi took an associate professor position at the CLIO FEL facility directed by J.M. Ortega, where he worked on near-field techniques in the infrared region. After developing and using infrared SNOM Dr. Dazzi invented a technique called Photothermal Induced Resonance (PTIR) that enables the atomic force microscope to perform infrared spectroscopy on a nanometric scale. This patent pending technique has been commercialized by Anasys Instruments in its nanoIR™ product. Since 2006, Dr. Dazzi managed the beamline labelled AFMIR, that couple the PTIR with the free electron laser CLIO, proposed to IR users . Dr. Dazzi received his habilitation in October 2008 and was the 2009 laureate for France's national instrumentation prize from the Societé Francaise Division de Chimie Physique. In 2010, he received the R&D 100 awards for the nanoIRTM development.

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