Prof Bertrand Fillon

Chief technology Officer

LITEN - Le Laboratoire d'Innovation pour les Technologies des - CEA

CEA/LITEN 17 rue des Martyrs
Cedex 9
PH: 33 (4) 38783706
Email: [email protected]


Doctor Bertrand Fillon is currently the CTO of CEA/LITEN. Liten's research activities are focused on renewable energy sources (solar energy, biomass), energy efficiency (vehicles, low-energy buildings, hydrogen technology, electric power system management, etc.) and, lastly, high-performance materials for energy applications. Fillon defines, organizes and follows the CEA/LITEN project portfolio. He is the scientific president of the French polymer cluster "Plastipolis". He has been the initiator of the polymer platform involving the different CEA research teams and foreign Swiss laboratories CSEM. Between 1990-2003, he worked with Pechiney Packaging. For the Pechiney Group, he was the coordinator of the Global Packaging R&D activities between the four business units (flexible packaging, bottles, tubes, high tech. cosmetics). He was the leader of the Pechiney polymer expert group. Dr Fillon was the Pechiney representative in IRI (Industrial Research Institut).

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