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Per Ohlckers is Professor at Institute of Micro- and Nanosystems Technology, Vestfold University College, Borre, Norway from September 2005. He also holds a part time (20%) position as Professor, Department of Physics, University of Oslo from 2007. He is part time Vice President, Microsystems, of Intex Inc, Tucson, AZ. He received his M.Sc. degree in Physical Electronics from Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH, now NTNU) in 1974.

Per Ohlckers has contributed to the development of several successful commercial products and he has a large number of international publications with a focus on silicon sensor technology and micro- & nanotechnologies, including two patents. He is lecturing in this field and in Packaging & Interconnection Technology for Electronic Systems at Vestfold University College and at University of Oslo using a textbook he has co-authored, which is used at several other universities in Scandinavia.

His employment history includes positions as General Manager of the start-up microsystem company Diamond Nanomachines as, earlier Fifty-four point Seven (54.7) from 1999, Vice President, Research & Product Development at DAVIS A/S. Drammen, Norway from 1998 to 1999, R&D Coordinator at SensoNor, Horten, Norway from 1995 to 1998, and 15 years at SINTEF Instrumentation in different positions: Deputy Director, Research Manager, Microelectronics Section and Manager of Liaison Services Section. He had a 6 months stay as a visiting scientist at Electronics Design Center, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio in 1983-84. After graduation, he had a 5 years employment at Aksjeselskapet Mikro‑Elektronikk (ame), Horten, Norway.

Diamond Nanomachines (54.7) was founded to commercialise a patented scheme for photoacoustic gas sensing silicon microsystems. Per Ohlckers was managing director, and co-inventor of the first and basic patent. The company is now hibernating due to lack of funding. At Davis he was chief technology officer supervising new development of data- and video projectors. At SensoNor he initiated, applied for external funding, and supervised with scientific and financial responsibility external R&D collaboration within silicon sensor technology and microsystems as well as managing the intellectual property rights (Patents). At SINTEF he supervised with scientific and financial responsibility a group of professionals and support personnel in microelectronics research as research manager of Microelectronics Section. Under his management this research group built up a reputation of high international standing in the field of silicon sensor technology and front-end electronics based upon Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). In silicon sensor technology, the focus was on silicon radiation sensors based on the reverse-biased diode principle, and sensors and actuators based upon silicon micromechanics. This group also excelled in Packaging & Interconnection Technology for Electronic Systems. He was a member of the Steering Committee for the International Conference on Solid State Sensors and Actuators from 1997 to 2007, and a member of the organisation committee for this conference in Stockholm in 1995.

Major Publications

  • Per Ohlckers, Berit Sundby Avset, Are Bjorneklett, Lars Evensen, Jakob Gakkestad, Anders Hanneborg, Trond Hansen, Arne Kjensmo, Ernst Kristiansen, Helge Kristiansen, Henrik von der Lippe, Martin Nese, Einar Nygård, Fin Serck-Hanssen and Oddvar Søråsen: "Industrial Microelectronics toward the Year 2 000 - A Report on Objectives and Results of a Research Collaboration at the Center for Industrial Research and the University of Oslo" Invited paper, ISHM-Nordic 30th Conference, Oslo, September 20-23, 1992. Appeared as invited paper in Hybrid Circuits No. 32, September 1993, pp 4-11.
  • Per Ohlckers and Henrik Jakobsen: “Challenges of the Emerging Microsystems Industry” Invited paper, Microelectronics Journal, 29 (1998), pp. 587 - 600.
  • Per Ohlckers, Hannu Kattelus, Veli-Matti Airaksinen, Jussi Tuovinen, Jani Karttunen, Klas Hjort:Status of the Nordic RegionProceedings of the 14th MicroMachine Summit 2008, Daejeon, Korea, April 30 – May3, 2008.
  • Per Ohlckers:” Education in Micro-and Nanotechnologies at Vestfold University College, NorwayProceedings of the 14th MicroMachine Summit 2008, Daejeon, Korea, April 30 – May3, 2008.
  • Christopher Grinde, Danilo Demarchi, Per Ohlckers, Pierluigi Civera and Stein Ivar Hansen: “An approach to seminar based MEMS training” Proceedings of 7th European Workshop on Microelectronics Education, Budapest, Hungary, May 29 – 30, 2008.

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