Prof Nils Hoivik

Associate Professor

Department of Micro and Nano Systems Technology (IMST), HiVe - Vestfold University College

PostBox 2243
PH: 47 (33) 037746
Email: [email protected]


Nils Hoivik received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2002 specializing in flip‐chip assembled RF‐MEMS devices. After graduation, he worked as a research associate at the university researching integration of Flip‐Chip RF‐MEMS devices with RF circuits fabricated on non‐ conventional micromachining substrates and circuits.

In 2003 he joined IBM T.J. Watson Research Center where he was the technical team leader for the RF MEMS group working toward integration of Cu‐based MEMS switches integrated with active SiGe RF circuits. His responsibilities included perform electrical and mechanical characterization of fabricated devices, simulation and design of MEMS switches fabricated using Cu‐based interconnect layer technology.

In 2007 Dr. Hoivik became an Asc. Professor at HiVe  ‐  Vestfold University College where he is a member of faculty in the Department of Micro and Nano Systems Technology. Hoivik is currently the group leader for the Integration Fabrication and Packaging research team, which research activities include novel interconnect technology suitable for packaging and direct stacking of MEMS devices and systems. He also acts as administrator for the IMST clean room/lab facility as part of the leadergroup for the Norfab network. Hoivik is also the Ph.D. Academic Coordinator with responsibility for the academic Ph.D. program at HiVe. He is also the part of the management team for the Ph.D. national research school in nanotechnology for microsystems.

Dr. Hoivik’s research interests include design, fabrication, packaging, modelling and testing of micro and nano devices for RF, optical, energy and environmental applications. He is currently the project leader for a research project related to wafer‐ level packaging using CuSn SLID bonding. Hoivik has authored two book chapters – on RF MEMS and wafer level SLID bonding technology, in addition more than 30 journal and conference articles.

Hoivik is a member of IEEE and IEEE MTT, and a reviewer for the International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer‐Aided Engineering.

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