Dr Sarah Morgan

Operating Officer, Delivery & Sensing

Nanotechnology Victoria Ltd

Suite 201, Level 2, 3 Chester Street
PH: +61 (3) 95673705
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Dr Sarah Morgan joined Nanotechnology Victoria (NanoVic) in September 2005 from the Water Studies Centre, School of Chemistry, at Monash University, accepting a position as Project Manager - Delivery & Sensing. Sarah is working in the delivery and sensing program on a series of commercial projects involving development of testing, analytical and delivery devices. Sarah is using her expertise in the analysis area, and building an important portfolio of activities in water analysis and environmental nanotechnology applications. She also supports the nanostructured materials team in several areas involving the development of environmental related projects.

Sarah is an outstanding highly motivated and competent researcher with recent experience in the optimization and assessment of nutrient analysis techniques for portable flow injection analysis instruments. Her knowledge base is the key driver behind the establishment of new projects for NanoVic and its commercial partners in nanoscale detection and water treatment.

In her time at NanoVic - which includes a term as a consultant to the Delivery & Sensing team prior to accepting her current position - Sarah has performed some significant work in the application of nanotechnologies to water management issues. She has conducted a major review of the opportunities and challenges in water for both rural and metropolitan authorities, worked with consulting and technical service firms in the industry, and lead efforts towards a major national forum on nanotechnology and water, held in 2006.

In late 2006, Sarah was appointed Operating Officer for the Delivery & Sensing activities to oversee all of NanoVics activities in this field. This included playing a major role in establishing the new ventures Interstitial NanoSystems and Quintain NanoSystems, with a particular focus on assessing assets and projects within these portfolios. Sarah has also contributed to the public awareness and educational activities for NanoVic.

Sarahs current role is General Manager of Envisage NanoSystems, a vehicle established by NanoVic to commercialise a range of projects involving nanotechnology to water. The portfolio includes detection technologies (a biosensor for phosphate and nitrate analysis, a SERS probe for the analysis of contaminants in drinking water, and nanoarrays for the detection of trace metals) and purification technologies (iron metal oxide nanoparticles for the removal of arsenic, phosphate and silicate in water). Recycling technologies are also being implemented, with the development of the sustainable Swash dishwasher that uses steam for washing. In addition, NanoVic is working closely with the Melbourne Aquarium, to initiate the recycling of fish tank water to be re-used for toilet flushing within the facility.

Major Qualifications

Sarah has an undergraduate degree in Science, from The University of Melbourne. Sarah also has First Class Honours in Science, and a PhD in Analytical/Environmental Chemistry from Monash University. Her PhD research topic related to flow injection analysis techniques for the determination of ammonia, total alkalinity, nitrate and total dissolved nitrogen concentrations in various waters.

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