Prof Papken Hovsepian

Heads of Research Centre

Nanotechnology Centre for PVD Research, MERI

Sheffield Hallam University
S1 1WB
United Kingdom
PH: +44 (114) 2253644
Fax: +44 (114) 2253501
Email: [email protected]


He is a member of the Thin Film Division committee of the International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications, IUVSTA since July 2007 and a member of the European Joint Committee on Plasma and Ion Surface Engineering.

At present he is heading the Nanotechnology Centre for PVD Research at MERI, SHU. His major field is development of industrial technologies for deposition of application tailored nanoscale multilayer/superlattice structured PVD coatings using various advanced deposition techniques. Some examples include corrosion and wear resistant coatings (CrN/NbN), high temperature oxidation resistant coatings (TiAlN/CrN, CrAlYN/CrN), tribological low friction coatings (TiAlN/VN, TiAlCN/VCN and C/Cr). The superlattice coating family has found applications in the Textile industry, Hydraulic and Petrochemical industry, Paper industry, Wood cutting, Machining of aerospace alloys, Protection of aerospace alloys, Automotive industry, Protection of surgical blades, and Protection of wear parts in food processing machines. Other fields of interest are coatings for decorative applications (Nb based), and duplex technologies combining plasma nitriding with PVD coatings.

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Prof. Hovsepian has published more than 100 scientific papers has been granted 11 patents, (2 European + 2 USA), 3 product patents and contributed chapters in 2 books dedicated to the PVD field, (recently, Nanostructured PVD Coatings, Springer, 2005).

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