Dr Dan Peer

Head of the Laboratory of Nanomedicine

Dept. of Cell Research and Immunology

Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv
PH: +972 (3) 6407925
Fax: +972 (3) 6405926
Email: [email protected]
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Dan Peer, Ph.D. is Head of the Laboratory of Nanomedicine, Department of Cell Research and Immunology, George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences, and the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Dan Peer's primary research interest is selective targeting and reprogramming of leukocytes using fully degradable nanomedicines.

Dr. Peer's lab is studying how to manipulate cells' functions in order to generate novel therapeutic strategies to treat inflammatory diseases and cancers. He is combining a multidisciplinary approach including immunology, cell and molecular biology, genetics, protein engineering, material sciences, nanotechnology, and computational techniques to develop innovative therapeutics to target specific cells within the immune system. In addition, he is developing nanomedicines by designing highly selective targeting moieties and novel nanocarriers, with an ultimate goal to translate some of our findings into clinical settings.

Dr. Dan Peer is particularly interested in:

  • Identifying key genes responsible for multipotent hematopoietic stem cells' self-renewal properties.
  • Studying the role of cell cycle regulators in proliferation, migration, and cytokine production in lymphocytes, macrophages, and dendritic cells during inflammatory bowel diseases and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Developing and studying novel approaches to target cancer stem cells.
  • Harnessing siRNAs and miRNAs as novel tools for drug discovery and for therapeutic applications.

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