Prof Suresh Kumar Bhargava


School of Applied Sciences, RMIT University

Building 3, Bowen St, City Campus
PH: +61 (3) 9925 2621
Fax: +61 (3) 9925 3747
Email: [email protected]


Since 1990 Prof Bhargava's research has been in the industrial/Chemical Engineering area, with emphasis on how large industrial companies and processes can become more efficient and cleaner to the environment. He has demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment to the environment during the design, construction, operation, and processes of large scale industrial plants.

Major breakthrough in alumina technology research

  • Three Industry related Patents and over 180 peer reviewed papers in prestigious journals, books & conferences:
  • Significant research funding from ARC and Industries (more than $14 million in the last 10 years)
  • A strong record of national, international and industrial research collaboration
  • Establishment of world-class research infrastructure at RMIT University
  • Integration of Industrial research into teaching & learning (introduced 2 new elective subjects in the Honours program)
  • 100% completion and employment of research students (mainly in chemical Engineering/Industrial positions, e.g. Alcoa World Aluminium, BHP, CSIRO)
  • Successfully introduced industrial-based learning
  • Significant contribution to solutions to industrial environmental problems

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