Tera Probe Qualifies ESI's New Tailored Pulse Dual-Beam Laser System For 68nm DRAM Repair

Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq:ESIO), a leading provider of world-class photonic and laser systems for microengineering applications, today introduced its Model 9850 Tailored Pulse(TP) Laser Link Processing System and received qualification from Tera Probe, Inc.-a Japan-based wafer testing provider. Built on ESI's dual-beam 9850 platform, the 9850TP combines a proprietary tailored pulsed laser to deliver the highest throughput and process flexibility for the latest generation of memory devices, and will be deployed for 68nm and future DRAM repair applications.

“Our Hiroshima Operation Center provides Japan’s only on-site operation services for DRAM wafer testing,” explained Mr. Tsuyoshi Yokoyama, chief production officer, at Tera Probe, Inc. “Continued technological development is critical to continuing DRAM shrink roadmap and improving memory performance. ESI’s 9850TP laser system provided us with the maximum process flexibility with high throughput. We look forward to the further improvement with laser technology that enables greater yield and higher levels of reliability.”

“The 9850TP’s introduction and qualification from Tera Probe demonstrate ESI's continued commitment to technology development in memory repair,” noted Nick Konidaris, president and CEO of ESI. “It also confirms that ESI’s strong relationships allow us to work closely with customers to develop innovative solutions. In spite of the memory downturn, we know our customers will stay competitive by investing in selected key technologies. Leveraging our strong intellectual property ownership in temporal pulse shaping, ESI provides valued customers like Tera Probe with advanced memory repair solutions.”

ESI’s Model 9850TP Laser Link Processing System is the latest solution in ESI's dual-beam 9850 platform and is designed to meet the production needs of a variety of DRAM, FLASH and embedded memory devices. The system features ESI’s proprietary tailored pulse laser technology. The 9850TP’s laser pulse temporal profile has been optimized to provide a high peak energy with a fast rise time that ruptures the overlying fuse dielectric quickly and efficiently. With two independently steered beams, operating in conjunction with the high velocity stage, the 9850TP raises the industry standard in terms of cost-of-ownership, yield, throughput and reliability on increasingly complex memory devices.

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