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QD Vision's Quantum Light Technology Platform Lit Up President Obama's Recent Tour

QD Vision's green-tech Quantum Light™ technology platform lit up President Obama's recent tour of laboratories at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where low-power, long-life Array™ Lighting LED lamps from Nexxus Lighting, Inc. (NASDAQ Capital Market: NEXS) are utilizing breakthroughs in quantum dot technology from QD Vision, Inc. to emit high-quality warm LED light.

The President visited MIT Oct. 23 to promote his administration's commitment to energy research enabling the U.S. to lead the world in the development of new, efficient and clean energy technologies. Prior to his speech to students and faculty, President Obama toured three MIT Laboratories, where cutting edge clean energy technologies are being developed with Government research funding. In one, QD Vision Scientific Advisor and Co-Founder Vladimir Bulovic, the KDD Associate Professor of Communications and Technology, demonstrated the Array™ Lighting LED lamp with Quantum Light™ optic technology to the President.

QD Vision's breakthroughs in very low power solid-state lighting are based on work that got its start in Prof. Bulovic's MIT laboratory. They exploit the unique light emitting properties of quantum dots to deliver huge reductions in power consumption and dramatic color quality improvements. Unlike the harsh, cold white light typical of today's low-power LED and fluorescent lights, quantum dots can warm up white light and dramatically improve emitted colors, while preserving the high efficiency of LEDs.

“By putting the spotlight on our Quantum Light™ product platform during President Obama's tour, MIT made a strong statement about the importance of clean, efficient lighting solutions that will provide the quality of light consumers need while reducing rather than enlarging their carbon footprints,” said Dr. Dan Button, President and CEO of QD Vision.

The product demonstration by QD Vision and its commercial lighting partner Nexxus Lighting, shows the quality and efficiency improvements in lumen output and color rendering index (CRI) enabled by the Quantum Light™ optic when applied to the exit face of a Nexxus Array™ LED PAR 30 lamp. The companies have been working closely together for several months and expect to start delivering these breakthrough commercial products to market in early 2010.

"Array™ Lighting LED lamps by Nexxus allow for savings in energy of up to 80% and can last over 50,000 hours. Adding this new high color rendering, true incandescent warm white color choice to our Array™ product line meets the need for improved color rendering performance in LED lighting, without sacrificing the efficacy gains you can achieve through solid state solutions. These are industry-leading products" said Mike Bauer, President and CEO of Nexxus Lighting.

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