LayTec Presentes Latest Product Called Pyro 400

At the International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors (ICNS) in Korea on 18-23 October LayTec presented its latest product: Pyro 400. Unlike conventional infrared pyrometry, which can only detect the susceptor surface temperature under sapphire or SiC wafers, Pyro 400 is the first real solution for measuring the exact surface temperature of GaN layers. The tool performs pyrometry at 400 nm. At this wavelength GaN emits light and makes it possible to measure its temperature.

Pyro 400 installed on Aixtron planetary MOCVD system

Dr. Haberland also reported that the real surface temperature of GaN is sensitive to changes of carrier gas, rotation speed, and reactor pressure. These deviations can not be detected by conventional infrared pyrometry measurements at all.

Additionally to these advantages, there are no emissivity oscillations during GaN buffer growth, which makes Pyro 400 an ideal tool for temperature feed-back control application.

In summary, Pyro 400 provides a new quality of temperature measurement with an unrivalled accuracy and will be of huge benefit in GaN based LED and laser production in the near future. Our results were also presented at LayTec in-situ seminar held in conjunction with the ICNS.

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