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Samsung’s New 4 Gb, 40 nm-Class DDR3 Memory to be Used in HP ProLiant Servers

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced memory technology, announced today that its new 4 gigabit (Gb)-based 40 nanometer (nm) class low power DDR3 memory will be used in HP ProLiant G7 servers.

The new 4Gb memory technology enables up to 100 percent higher memory performance than the widely used 60nm-class 1Gb DDR2 modules, while consuming over 84 percent less power. Also, the 4Gb DDR3 raises the registered dual inline memory module (RDIMM) density to 32GB.

“Our new 4Gb 40nm-class DDR3 provides an ideal Green solution for server manufacturers seeking to meet the data center’s insatiable desire for higher performance, with higher densities at lower voltages,” said Jim Elliott, vice president, memory marketing and product planning, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

“Clients can optimize overall system performance and keep costs down by leveraging high capacity, power efficient memory technology,” said Jim Ganthier, vice president of marketing, Industry Standard Servers and Software, HP. "Industry-leading HP ProLiant servers combined with Samsung 4Gb memory technology allows clients to improve data center server and energy efficiency while accelerating application performance.”

Memory plays a critical role today in the data center as rapidly increasing data traffic drives demand for higher memory capacities. Data center power and cooling issues are top of mind for IT and facilities managers who are challenged to extend their operational capacity and optimize performance, while reducing power consumption.

A 16GB dual rank, 4Gb 40nm-class DDR3 based registered DIMM (dual in-line memory module) provides up to 67 percent faster performance than a 16GB quad rank RDIMM, and is capable of running 1333MHz at two DIMMs per channel (DPC). This compares to a 16GB quad rank speed of 800MHz at 2DPC. When compared to 60nm-class DDR2-based RDIMMs running at 667MHz, a 16GB Samsung dual rank module performs twice as fast.

When it comes to power consumption, equipping 48GB of memory density in a server built with the 40nm-class 4Gb DDR3 based RDIMMs also uses up to 84 percent less power than using 60nm-class 1Gb DDR2 based modules.

Further, a 32GB quad rank Samsung DDR3 doubles the overall memory capacity in new dual processor servers, increasing the maximum memory capacity to 384GB from 192GB.


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