Nano-Sized 3-Axis Analog Gyroscope for Consumer Electronics

Geneva-based developer of semiconductors, STMicroelectronics has added to its range of motion-sensor with a 3-axis analog-output gyroscope.

ST's 3-axis Gyroscope

The nano-sized device measuring 4x4x1mm3 is power efficient and flexible. It can be controlled by gestures and can be applied in mobile phones, tablets, game controllers and other consumer electronics.

The L3G462A allows for angular-rate sensing with individual outputs for each axis. The ±625dps determines gestures and movements and speeds, making it suitable for use in navigation and motion-controlled user interface and gaming devices. The analog interface delivers rapid response with low latency, external filtering and fine-tuning of each need.

The nano-size ensures smooth layout and positioning. The stability across a temperature range ±0.04dps/°C and sensitivity ±0.017%/°C allows for precise measurement. The low noise level of 0.017dps/sqrtHz provides accurate motion and gesture identification. Its operation voltage ranges from 2.4 to 3.6V and the power-off and sleep-to-wake modes reduce overall power consumption.


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