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NanoString Announces Availability of nCounter Rat miRNA Expression Assay Kit

NanoString Technologies, a developer of molecular diagnostics and provider of life science tools for translational research, has declared availability of its nCounter rat miRNA expression assay kit for application on the nCounter analysis system.

The direct digital counting and identification of tissue-specific miRNAs can be performed at single-base resolution using this miRNA Expression Assay Kit without the necessity for amplification. This kit offers the ability to do multiplex profiling of over 400 miRNAs of rat in one tube addressing sensitivity and specificity when compared to qPCR. Similar to other nCounter assays, this expression kit is well-suited to several types of samples, even FFPE samples.

The nCounter analysis system is a completely automated digital counting and sensing system featuring extremely simple processflow. The expression assay kits have all the consumables and reagents needed to perform an experiment. Compatibility with all types of samples and requirements of minimum sample inputs widens the usage of the kit. Apart from miRNA assays, the company offers assays for gene expression analysis and copy number variation. Currently, the nCounter analysis system is available only for research purposes.

Barney Saunders, NanoString Technologies’ Chief Commercial Officer stated that the investigation of miRNAs’ role in neuroscience, mutagenesis, and toxicogenomics have caused the company to expand its miRNA products’ portfolio to enhance the customers’ research work in rats. 


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