IDTechEx Presents Product Development Award in Printed Electronics to Vorbeck Materials and MeadWestvaco

IDTechEx has presented the Product Development Award in Printed Electronics to MeadWestvaco, a pioneer in packaging, and Vorbeck Materials, a provider of products based on graphene, for MeadWestvaco’s novel anti-theft packaging solution called Natralock with Siren Technology.

The Natralock with Siren Technology is a security-smart packaging solution that integrates innovative packaging solutions of MeadWestvaco and a graphene-based conductive ink of Vorbeck Materials called Vor-ink. The product uses Vorbeck’s graphene-based technology to guard it from theft or tampering prior to the purchase by making an on-package alarm.

The Siren Technology is the first-of-its-kind consumer product using graphene. The package’s in-built technology offers unprecedented security, while facilitating the sales and branding of the products. The package offers three levels of security to the products. It raises an alarm when a thief runs off with the stolen product or when the product is removed from its package or during the tampering of the security device, product or the package. The system also triggers store exit security alarms in order to facilitate the tracing and identification of the stolen product.

The selection of Vor-ink was based on extensive testing on its flexibility and conductivity by MeadWestvaco. The graphene-based conductive ink was produced by Vorbeck Materials and MeadWestvaco utilizing the MeadWestvaco’s web-based open portal called the MWV Exchange. The Natralock with Siren Technology is now in its final phases of regionalized field tests and is anticipated to be available in 2012.


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