HF CVD System Provider Expands Research and Production Capabilities

sp3 Diamond Technologies, a provider of diamond deposition equipment, products and services, has witnessed a three-fold increase in the delivery of its hot filament chemical vapor deposition (HF CVD) reactors and a revenue growth of 73% in 2011when compared to 2009.

In order to accommodate this growth, sp3 Diamond Technologies has shifted its headquarters to Santa Clara, California. The new larger headquarters facility allows the company to expand its development and production capabilities of wafer scale diamonds and high-growth applications areas, especially wear products and semiconductor manufacturing.

sp3 Diamond Technologies’ CVD diamond coatings deliver longer life for a broad array of material applications thanks to diamond’s remarkable properties such as strength, hardness, thermal conductivity, chemical inertness and stiffness. The combination of the company’s cost-effective deposition system and optimized material properties offers low-cost and high-performance benefits to manufacturers.

According to Dwain Aidala sp3 Diamond Technologies’ President and Chief Operating Officer, diamond films offer effective solutions for thermal management, electrodes, cutting tools, MEMS, CMP and other production applications. The company expects a sustained growth also in the fiscal year 2013, thanks to the growing adoption of diamond films and its free-standing diamond products like DiaTherm.

Aidala further said that the company’s new facility with expanded research and production capabilities enables it to bring an expanded CVD diamond technology portfolio to the marketplace. Moreover, the company has set up a well-established network of local distributors across the world, including Taiwan, Korea, Japan and China, to provide the best support and help in the deployment of diamond film deposition.

Source: http://www.sp3diamondtech.com

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