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New Report Sheds Light on Thin-Film and Printed Battery Markets

Research and Markets has included a new research report titled ‘Thin-Film and Printed Battery Markets - 2012’ to its catalogue.

The new report covers key changes that occurred in the market for thin-film and printed batteries since last year’s report. Many well-established firms in this market have created completely conceivable business models that may result in profitability within a year or so. However, at the same time, some renowned thin-film and printed battery companies have left the business. These changes reflect that a reanalysis is needed for the thin-film and printed battery markets and this is the objective of this report.

The comprehensive report is based on NanoMarkets’ six years of extensive coverage of the thin-film/battery market. It discusses the current strategies adopted by key companies operating in this field and provides a comprehensive outlook of the market for thin-film and printed batteries for the coming eight years. It also analyzes the likely source of funding for companies operating in this space in the near-term future.

The report starts with an analysis of the latest trends in production and technology of thin-film and printed batteries and the key driving factors for these trends. It examines the role of advanced functional printing technology and the impact of performance trends, product design and supply chain issues on manufacturing infrastructure.

The report recognizes and quantifies key applications that are capable of creating a feasible market for thin-film and printed batteries. It also analyzes the ways of creating values by thin-film and printed battery companies through developing strategies around emerging product and market ecosystems that support affordable electronics applications.


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