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H2W Technologies Introduces New Vacuum Compatible SR Series Positioning Stage

H2W introduces a new vacuum compatible SR series positioning stage. The brushless linear motor positioning stage (P/N SRS-024-04-020-01V) is a closed loop system that can be used for positioning applications inside a vacuum environment.

The SR series stage is a compact, small footprint, open type positioning stage.The ironless core coil assembly has no magnetic attractive force to the stationary magnet assembly which increases life of the bearing system. The low overall weight of the stage makes it ideal as a Y axis (top axis) in a multi-axis system. The lower moving mass of the stage allows for higher accelerations of light payloads.

The stage is driven by a vacuum compatible 3-phase brushless linear motor and is guided by a pair of vacuum compatible precision recirculating linear ball bearings. All materials and hardware have been carefully selected to ensure low outgassing for vacuum applications. The stage has a 24" [610 mm] stroke, generates 20 lbs [89 N] of continuous force and 60 lbs [267 N] of peak force. It includes a 1 micron resolution linear encoder. SR series positioning stages are ideal for long stroke applications that require high speed, high acceleration moves with fast settling times.


  • Vacuum Compatibility
  • Long travels
  • High force and acceleration
  • Small Cross section
  • Custom strokes and force configurations available

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