Grafen and Microphase Join Forces to Develop CVD systems for CNT and Graphene Production

Microphase Co., Ltd. (Japan) and Grafen Chemical Industries Co. have entered into a strategic alliance to cooperate on the development, production and commercialization of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) systems suitable for both practical and advanced research of carbon nanotube (CNT) and graphene.

The main goal of this partnership is to offer researchers compact CVD units for efficient and reliable carbon nanomaterial synthesis, which enable laboratories to build their infrastructures under affordable cost and save considerable time.

Ultralong CNT array fabricated by CVD units of Microphase Co., Ltd.

In this strategic alliance, Microphase Co., Ltd. will contribute its comprehensive product pipeline and know-how in the research scale CVD systems. Grafen Co. joins in with its expertise on the implementation of nanosystems for specific research purposes in the region of Middle East, East Europe and Turkey. For customized and flexible CVD designs, Microphase Co., Ltd. and Grafen Co. will cooperate to serve best solutions to researchers.

Whole range of new CVD units, from CVD-G Thermal CVD for Graphene Synthesis to CVD-BTB Benchtop Mini CVD for CNT Synthesis, can be found at Benchtop CVD Units page.
About Grafen Chemical Industries Co.

About Grafen

Grafen Co. was founded by Ibrahim Mutlay 10+ years ago to develop carbon nanotube based fibers. After extensive R&D in this field to build pilot-scale carbon nanotube development lines, Grafen Co. expanded its research directions into the immature graphene technology at 2007. Today, Grafen Co. with its skilled Executive and International Advisory Boards is a major technology developer in the field of advanced material sciences involving not only carbon nanostructures but also natural and man-made nanomaterials, functional polymers and fine chemicals.

Grafen Co. is headquartered in Ankara, Turkey.

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