mPhase Produces Lithium Battery With Infinite Shelf Life

mPhase Technologies, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary AlwaysReady, Inc., today announced that it has successfully produced its first prototype of a lithium-based battery, with a virtually infinite shelf life, that is designed to be electronically activated providing Power on Command(TM).

Today in a demonstration at the company's office in Little Falls, NJ, mPhase/AlwaysReady succeeded in activating several lithium battery prototypes, each of which provided 3 volts output and powered a light emitting diode. According to Dr. Fred Allen, President and CEO of AlwaysReady, "New portable electronic devices demand reliable power. Our lithium-based Smart NanoBattery makes sure power is there when you need it. Conventional batteries can corrode, discharge or die even before they are used. The Smart NanoBattery doesn't. It has a potentially infinite shelf life until you activate it. There are tremendous commercial and military applications that can benefit from our Smart NanoBattery, ranging from medical and health alert devices, unmanned sensors, emergency flashlights and backup power for cell phones."

mPhase/AlwaysReady has moved from lab research into early product commercialization by working with lithium battery companies that can fabricate the Smart NanoBattery. Dr. Allen adds, "Collaboration is the key for us right now to expedite product development and get our first batteries into the hands of customers." The company is working on parallel paths to produce Smart NanoBatteries for different applications that can be activated manually or remotely.

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